The Scarce Golden Jubilee Sixpence of Queen Victoria

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One of the most lavish celebrations in English history was Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee in June, 1887. Victoria invited 50 kings and princes from all over the world to the celebration and they all showed up. This included a procession in horse drawn carriages through the streets of London that stretched for six miles. Victoria's rule as England's longest reigning monarch has only been recently passed by Queen Elizabeth II.

This scarce 1887 sixpence was only issued for six months and it is the only sixpence coin in 400 years with this design.

In London we found a few of these historic sixpences a collector had put away over a hundred years ago. Your coin will arrive in an custom presentation box that includes the history of the sixpence coin inside, a true collector's item that can be passed down to future generations of lucky brides. Only three coins are available, a exclusive.