100+ Year Old Sixpence Coins

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If you are looking for something special for the bride, how about a sixpence that is over a hundred years old. Of the thousands of genuine sixpences we have imported from England during the past 32 years, we have only found a few hundred of these rare old sterling silver coins in nice condition. We can’t guarantee a particular year, but each of our 100+ year old sterling silver sixpences is from the era of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII when the United Kingdom stretched around the world.

We use our own secret cleaning and buffing process that takes over eight hours so that each coin we deliver is as bright and shiny as it was over a hundred years ago. Just like our newer sixpences, your unique 100+ year old sixpence will be delivered in our beautiful acid-free sixpence folder with matching envelope, a treasure to be passed down to future generations of lucky brides.