A Classic Sixpence from the Days of the Penny Arcade

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Back in the 1930's and 1940's penny arcades were a popular way to spend the day with the family. One of the staples of the arcades was a machine were you could insert a coin, crank a handle, and roll your coin out flat. Recently when in England we were able to recover a few 70+ year old silver sixpence coins that had been rolled out by an antique arcade machine. It features the entire verse of the "something old, something new" saying was embossed on one side of the coin with the reverse showing the original dated side of the sixpence. Just like our regular sixpence coins they will arrive on our custom sixpence card with matching envelope so they can be saved and passed down to future generations of lucky brides. A silversixpence.com exclusive, we only have 22 coins available.