An Historic Sixpence of King George II

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This rare 1745 English sixpence is from the reign of King George II. America didn't begin minting coins until the 1790's and sixpences were used for everyday purchases throughout the American colonies. There were even a few very rare sixpences minted by individual states before America was a country.  This 276 year old coin is a chance to get something "really old" for that very special wedding.

We purchased this historic sixpence from a European collector. Your one of a kind silver sixpence will arrive boxed on a beautiful card picturing King George II's crest along with the story of the history of the sixpence in the box. We'll ship your rare silver sixpence in a custom holder which can be removed for the wedding day and later replaced to save as a family heirloom to pass down to future generations of lucky family brides. A exclusive, we only have one available.